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In our funny GIFs category Browsers from our cliparts collection you will find funny animated GIFs, images and graphics to download. You can send these animations by email to your friends, post them on facebook or on your homepage and also by messenger as WhatsApp, Skype and ICQ. Have a lot of fun with these free Browsers photos and image-gifs :-)

A browser (also web browser called) is a program (software) with the one on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet through the Internet (WWW) surfing. So without a browser, we would not have access to the wonderful world of the global data network. The most popular browsers are probably the Internet Explorer and the successor Edge (under Windows 10) from Microsoft, the Chrome browser from Google, Opera and of course the Safari browser of iOS Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad or iMac. The browser will be continuously developed by the vendors and offered as an update to download. Often, new features are installed, freshened the look and corrected especially vulnerabilities and bugs.

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