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The Christmas tree is often Christmas tree or Tannenbaum called code. The Christmas tree is a conifer (mostly spruce or Nordmann fir), which code for Christmas, but even to festive season is festively decorated. It is situated mostly at home in the living room, but also in public buildings or public places, churches and Christmas markets. It is embellished with all sorts of Christmas decorations and decoration. Most candles, fairy lights, Christmas tree glass balls, tinsel, angel hair and crib figures are used. At the peak usually comes a decorative big star. beat The custom a fir tree in the forest to decorate, and put in the apartment, has emerged in the 19th century in Germany and has spread over the years almost all over the world. In Germany, Christmas Eve will be most code, ie on December 24, the Christmas gifts from the Santa Claus code directly under the festive and festively decorated fir tree placed code.

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In our cool, beautiful and colorful Christmas GIF Gallery you will find all kinds of great free Christmas themes as free unanimierte and animated fir trees (images) with or without Christmas decorations, X-mas decorations, icicles and snow. Also beautiful animated Christmas trees and Christmas trees Anigifs with the solemn Christmas. You can print the Christmas trees GIFs (for greeting) and by email or whatsapp to send or email friends, family and acquaintances. Or you post the animated Christmas trees and Christmas trees (graphics, pictures, coloring and clipart) with jewelry and decoration to your Facebook chronicle for Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas.

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