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Animated GIFs images, smilies & cliparts

In our gif picture collection on you can currently download 10,208 funny animated GIFs in 189 different categories. The small graphics and cliparts are ideal to send to a friend or acquaintance by email and to make him happy. All these animated graphics and animated images can also be sent to friends and acquaintances as a digital postcard (eCard) with a personal message! With a suitable program you can also use the funny pictures as a mobile phone picture or wallpaper. We have moving and unanimated pictures from all kinds of areas such as Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birth, wedding, New Year, birthday, animals, people, smilies and much more. Have fun browsing our large picture collection!

Send animated GIFs for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthday

A lot of funny, witty and cool animated GIFs from our GIF collection are suitable for sending via email and messenger (Skype, Whatsapp, ICQ) to friends and acquaintances. The moving pictures and animations make for certain occasions, like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Baby Birth, New Years Eve and New Year. You can download and send the GIF graphics. Your friends will surely be happy to send you back a GIF image. We offer many different motifs in the GIF sections. In addition to moving GIF images and animations, you will also find static images such as cliparts and coloring pages.

The most popular and funniest animated animal GIFs from our collection

In addition to the GIF images and AniGifs for suitable occasions (Christmas, Easter), the sweet, cute and cool animal GIFs, animal animations and cliparts are of course the most popular. In addition to cat GIFs, funny dog ​​animations, dolphin AniGifs, elephant gifs, rabbit animations, cows and tiger GIFs, there are many other animal animations in our large picture collection. With the animal gifs you can beautify your homepage, your forum post or your Facebook chronicle / timeline. Or you can send the animal AniGifs to your friends via email or Whatsapp and make them happy.

Create your own animated GIFs and GIFs animations yourself – instructions, tips and tricks

There are many hundreds of GIF pages on the Internet, each with several thousand animated funny and cool GIF graphics, but sometimes the one you are looking for is not there. Often you have your own ideas about an animated GIF and would like to be artistically active. In this case you can create your own animations in .gif format. But what is the best way to start? Use our instructions and create your own funny GIFs with free software and animation tools. All you need is a good idea, a graphic as a template and one of the free animation tools. There are many good free programs in this area such as Gif-X, GIMP, CoffeeCup Animation Studio and many more that you can find in the download area of ​​ Below we have a tutorial video for you on how you can create your own animated GIFs with the Gimp software.

Convert or convert youtube videos to GIF animation

Some would like to convert or convert a great YouTube video into the .gif format. Often you just take a small excerpt from a YouTube video and have it repeated in an endless loop. But how do you convert a video from into the popular and space-saving GIF format? There are some free tools and programs for doing this. But it is even easier with online services that do the work for you. Here are a few websites that offer this free service:

So choose a suitable video on, copy the URL to the video from your browser and paste this video link (via copy & paste) into the conversion pages. Wait a little and you will receive your video as a GIF animation.

What exactly is the .gif file format? What are animated GIFs and images?

Our fun animated GIFs and images are all in .gif file format. But what exactly is the .gif format? GIF is the abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format (graphic exchange format). In contrast to JPG images, a GIF image can only display 256 colors, but this also saves a lot of space, especially since it also works with compression. The advantage of GIF images is that you can save several individual images in a .gif file. This is often used to display small animations. In addition, the background can be displayed transparently in a GIF image. The GIF format has a long tradition on computers. It has existed since 1987 and was introduced by Steve Wilhite. For a long time, advertising banners, which used to blink annoyingly, were created in GIF format in order to show several pieces of information or noticeable movement through the animation. Gradually, the GIF advertising banners were replaced by Flash animations. The popularity of GIF animations slowly declined. Around 2010, GIF animations made a surprising comeback on the Internet. Blogging platforms such as and picture sites such as used the small GIF images to create cool animations and mini films, but also to create cinemagraphs and stereograms. These two websites quickly found a mass of new and old fans who revived this graphic format. The GIF format will probably not be dead that quickly. Although technically it is clearly outdated. Compared to Flash files, it cannot play sound or music and the file sizes are too large compared to Flash nowadays. The advantage, however, is that all browsers and all graphics programs can handle it and no plugins are required.

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